2015 Committee Chairs Needed  **Please consider Helping by Volunteering**

  • Business Sponsors & Band Trailer Ads Coordinator – Jacque Cook
  • Communications Coordinator – Brittney Smith
  • Concessions Chair – Lil Bostrom/Kim Martin
  • Food Catering & Food Trailer –
  • Fund Raising Coordinator –
  • Marching Band Uniform Coordinator – Kim Martin/Celeste Lambson
  • Raffle Coordinator – Annette Jackson/Randi Lewis
  • By-Laws Refinement/Update Committee – Jacque Cook
  • Drivers to pull equipment trailers (3 needed) –

Band Boosters Committees
Every band and color guard parent should plan to help and serve in some way in at least one of the following areas during the year:

  • Communications Committee: This group prepares emails, texts, news articles for the Cortez Journal, radio station announcements, Facebook posts, phone calls to band parents to remind them of upcoming events, and all notices regarding fundraisers. They also help by advertising events.
  • Concessions Committee: This group of parents runs the concessions at all home Varsity (and JV) football games at Panther Stadium. Parents are needed to help order, pick-up, and stock food and drinks for games. We also need 8 to 10 parents per game to help in the concessions stand. This involves prep and serving hotdogs, nachos, Frito-pies, chili, popcorn, candy, and we are hoping to find parents willing to make Navajo tacos or fry bread. Parents usually work in 2 shifts when we have enough parents to help out.
  • Food Committee: These parents help prepare food to cater all the meals for the students during out-of-town competitions. They also coordinate food donations from local grocery stores and volunteers to help make food items ahead of trips (like chopping vegetables and baking cookies).
  • Fund Raising Committee: These parents help to organize, oversee, and plan the various fund raisers. This committee is divided into smaller sub-committees. We will have a point-person and volunteers for: monthly bake sales, recycling (collecting, packaging, mailing), rummage sales (volunteering in shifts), silent auctions (2), SWCC intermission, student individual sales, etc…
  • Raffle Committee: Traditionally Band Boosters conducts two raffles each year – one in the Fall/Winter and one in the Spring. We receive state approval through the Cortez Chamber of Commerce to license to hold our raffles. The licensing agent from the Cortez Chamber must receive approval before all raffles and provides support and a detailed outline of this process.
  • Uniform Committee: These parents help keep track of and maintain (wash) the band uniforms. Each band student is issued a uniform, and this committee is responsible for the care and upkeep of these costly uniforms. At competitions, the uniforms are kept safe on one of the band trailers with a check-out/check-in system. We always need help from parent volunteers for the uniform assignment process and the check in and out process to go smoothly. Students are expected to show respect and care for their uniforms for they can be used for many more years to come.
  • By-Laws Refinement/Update Committee: The by-laws are ancient and need to be refined and so we have created a new Committee starting in January, 2016 to review them one section at a time this year to be finished by July’s Parent Meeting. This committee will digitize them and organize them in such a way that all can have access to them. They will then be posted on this website for anyone to access once they are cleaned up.


  • Pit Crew: When the marching band performs, a team of parents are needed to help setup “The Pit”. This involves carrying the equipment onto the field and setting it in place; the podiums for the drum majors, sound equipment, percussion instruments, etc. When the band is competing they are timed.
    Their time begins when the first person steps on to the field and time ends when the last person leaves the field. We sell sweatshirts, polos and hats to any parent who wants to participate.
  • Trip Sponsors: A Sponsor’s job on a band trip is much like that of a Chaperon. You are responsible to assist students in any way necessary to help the trip or activity run smoothly. You will be expected to keep and enforce the schedule, curfew, rules, and any other expectations as defined by the band director. Sponsors help chaperone, maintain order and supervise the students. Some parents are also needed to help drive additional vehicles to and from events.

We also need Sponsors who are willing to ride on the bus and stay at the hotels or high schools to sleep as necessary. We also need three willing drivers to pull the trailers (who have large trucks), and a Pit Crew team for these upcoming performances this coming Fall:

  • CO West Marching Festival/Grand Junction, CO
  • Western Slope CBA Regional’s/Grand Junction, CO
  • State CBA Marching Festival/Pueblo, Denver, or Grand Junction, CO
  • Red Rock Marching Invitational/St. George, UT
  • Bands of America Marching Festival/St. George, UT
    Further info can be found online at: